Engaging Leadership

Growing Edge offers clients expertise in Leadership and Talent Development strategies. We work with you to deliver programmes aligned to your leadership and talent needs and organisational goals.


It’s hard to deny that engaged employees are a key competitive differentiator. The drivers for engagement vary hugely by company, culture and state of the business. However, good and trusted leadership finds commonality in a few core traits:

Are leaders doing what they say they will do?

Is there consistency between the values that the frontline is asked to demonstrate and how leaders behave?

Do staff have contact with leaders or are they always behind closed doors?

Do employees get the information they need to perform their roles effectively?

Do employees’ opinions count, and are they genuinely listened too and acted upon?

How effectively do different parts of the organisation speak to each other?

Each of our Leadership programmes equips your leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to engage employees, develop potential, and retain top talent.

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