Executive coaching is an effective way for organisations to support their top-level talent that has a high influence over company performance. At the same time, it is a valuable tool for individuals looking to build confidence, focus on their career development and hone the skills they need to become a valuable leader.


Through Executive Coaching, we work with your top leaders to help them maximise their current strengths and build the skills they need to achieve their day-to-day objectives. Our approach takes in mind the needs of both the coachee and your organisation’s overarching goals, improving the performance of the individual for an identifiable benefit to organisational performance.

We provide leaders with the right development process to grow the emotional intelligence and inspirational aspects they need to lead teams to success. We also help leaders to address relationship challenges and focus on making the necessary adjustments for an efficient and productive work environment.

Our coaching usually covers a minimum six-month time frame or longer depending upon circumstances.


100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies undertook coaching for 6 -12 months. They identified benefits derived to both themselves and their organisations




In sports – coaching is about reviewing your performance, gathering specific feedback and developing action plans for improvement, in business, coaching is not that different. Our coaching follows a proven approach that has been refined over many years with experience gained on both the buyer and provider side of the business.

We explore your work style and work environment. We review your perceptions, attitudes and beliefs and leverage your strengths. We utilise a coaching mindset, rather than advising, which focuses on giving you the ability to find success on your own terms.

Assessment and Information Gathering

Psychometric tools such as Lumina Spark, the Harrison Assessment Tool, and can include 360° feedback interviews or a 360° ‘lite’ are used to gain an in-depth understanding of individual preferences, strengths and areas of improvement and so coaching can have immediate impact.

Developing an Action Plan

We create a tailored roadmap to amplify strengths and address areas of need. This development plan is created in collaboration with the coachee, their manager and other relevant key stakeholders.

 Coaching and Monitoring Performance

We engage in activities designed to increase self-awareness, build competencies and achieve results. Regular meetings are scheduled to ensure continuous support, monitoring and feedback.

Evaluation and Follow-Up

Progress is measured against initial objectives. A long-term plan identifying future improvement areas is developed and discussed.

Read a case study to find out how the Growing Edge Process of Executive Coaching has helped businesses achieve breakthrough results. Contact us to find out how we can help your organisation.


Operating within a clear business agenda, sessions focus on the individual’s particular needs and requirements, making the most effective use of valuable time. For example, the objective may be enhancing business performance and results and/or attending to leadership style and interpersonal relationships. Other options include:

  • Managing change and new leadership roles
  • Growing the business and motivating others
  • Managing conflict and strategic stakeholder relationships
  • Restructuring and re-organisation/mergers and acquisitions
  • Work/life effectiveness and managing stress
  • High performing teams and climate for innovation
  • Cross-culture working and virtual teams
  • First 100 days coaching and career transitions
  • High potential programmes

Read a case study to find out how the Growing Edge Process of In-Company Coaching Days has helped businesses achieve breakthrough results. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation.